Being #single in 2015

The other day, I as thinking I need someone around. A man, preferably a boyfriend. But I had no actual reason as to why I would need a "man" around. I take care of myself. I pay my bills, I make my food, and occasionally, (without dad's help) I fix my car. It's been just … Continue reading Being #single in 2015


Essential Tools Of Survival: Valentines Day

Okay, so basically this post is about being able to get through one of the most overly done holidays of the year: Valentines Day. This year I am single and I'm so okay with it. But for some of us it may not be so easy to escape the thought of being alone on such … Continue reading Essential Tools Of Survival: Valentines Day

How to create a FAB Winter Wardrobe!

Okay so, most of us are transitioning into the next season. For myself It's more winter wear than anything, but for others they're still soaking it up in the sun (which i'm jealous of). Now these items that I am suggesting is what I feel every girl should have for the upcoming cold months. Now … Continue reading How to create a FAB Winter Wardrobe!

5 things to be thankful for….as a natural.

We all have things to be thankful for. Like food, a roof over our head, and family. But there are certain things that we all personally are so happy to have in ย our lives. Being a Naturalista,there are certain things you just can't go without. Lord knows us women in general (not just naturals), are … Continue reading 5 things to be thankful for….as a natural.

Knotty Girl Diaries.

Hey Lovelies! Today I went to the Knotty Girl Diaries event held by Resilient Soul here in Oklahoma City. I got to meet so many women with so many different natural beauty to them, I loved it. The event started off with brunch. The Ice Event Center made yummy food and mimosas for all of … Continue reading Knotty Girl Diaries.