Millennial Misgivings

Being 23 in 2016 has been the most confusing and awkward part of my life. You feel a need to rush and find your career and dream home. All while trying to relax and going with the flow.. I feel like you're expected to know how to pay $5,000 plus in school tuition a semester … Continue reading Millennial Misgivings


5 Majestic ways to organize your Studio/Small Apartment!

I live in a super small place. A place I like to call my home. It's pretty tiny, and is absolutely meant for no more than two people If you can even bear that. I've been here for over six  months and have created ways to maximize storage and made it my own at the same time! So … Continue reading 5 Majestic ways to organize your Studio/Small Apartment!

Top Plus Size bloggers

If you're looking for new reads on style, you should definitely keep reading. These 6 women I am going to list have been inspiring me so much lately. I've been loving basically EVERYTHING they do! It also just so happens that they're plus sized, which for myself makes it even better.All of their personal styles … Continue reading Top Plus Size bloggers