Being 23 in 2016 has been the most confusing and awkward part of my life. You feel a need to rush and find your career and dream home. All while trying to relax and going with the flow.. I feel like you’re expected to know how to pay $5,000 plus in school tuition a semester all while being able to afford a car and rent. But then we’re told, “we think we know it all” and  “we think we don’t need help”. Well maybe it’s actually because we do but when we ask it’s a problem. People seem to take more than to give these days and then when you give to people they think you always want something in return.

We are going to have to raise our children in a place where, people who work at McDonald’s makes more than a school teacher raising our future. And then when you work at McDonald’s you’re deemed “lower” than some who say remarks like”At least I don’t work here” but still would like to order the number 3.


See i’m very confused in this world we live in. The cost of living goes higher and higher. The cost of dying is about the same too. We cannot relax without being called lazy. God forbid we decide to take a vacation, then we’d be called “ungrateful” for not appreciating a place to work at 60 hours a week and pay our bills.Living in 2016 at 23 is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’m still trying to figure this whole life thing out. I’d like to be the CEO of my own company and Vacation in Maui 3 times a year soon. You know, the basics.

“Beyonce wasn’t Built in a day” —————- But It sure feels like it. 


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