Who else has been BEYOND ready for fall this year?! *Look around and raises hand*

Literally my entire summer has been pretty much devoted to preparing for fall when it came to shopping.

I’ve got my scarves boots, hats,  and sweaters ready!


If you live in a state where you experience all the seasons then you know the feeling when you finally to  have calm, feel good weather. Since it’s still transitioning into cooler weather I’ve been having to battling between making sure I don’t burn up or come down with small cold due to the temperature. This outfit I recently put together is perfect for a “Netflix and Chill” outfit or a lunch date with your girls.

(Not serious about Netflix and Chill)




Dress: Love Sick

Sweater: Old Navy (Most Similar Sweater)

Shoes: H&M (Mine are no longer available, these are most similar)

Necklace: Banana Republic (Mine no longer available)

Purse: Platos Closet (Rebecca Minkoff Purse I got for $7)


*Photos By me*



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