Lets face it. We all have somethings that we are willing to drop some “big money” on. These days nothing cost nothing. There is almost always a feeling of buyers remorse when you spend money on things that you’d most likely never use or wear. So I’ve come up with five different ways to determine whether to drop money on a new item.


1. Check a different place

I know. Its pretty simple to start off with. Think about it. We all want to buy something that gives us almost a sense of success. Never jeopardize your (in my case) limited budget on only one item when you could probably find more in another store for the price of one!

     2. Stand Your Ground

Meaning that you may just come back and it would be on clearance the next week. Places need to be able quickly turn over the items in their store. So you may just find out the name of the item and call/check every now and then see if they’ve marked it down to a lower price (happens quite often in target).

3. Scan the Online Store

Most storefronts have an online store you can shop on. See if they may be having a better deal than what you’v been able to come across in the store. You may also run across an email sign up that would give you a certain percentage off of that item. Which may save you more in the long run.


4. Try it on, TWICE!

Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and make impulse buys. I myself am the worst with it because i don’t like to try on in store, I usually like to take it home and see how i like it. So how about this. Try it on in the store and if you love it put it back. Walk around the store and see if you’re even thinking about it anymore. If so go try it on again and if you don’t have “the feels” anymore then maybe it just isn’t for you.


5.  Can you use it more than once?

I figured this would be the icing on the cake as to figuring out whether to buy the new item you’ve been eyeing. Can you wear  it in multiple situations or events? Is it diverse enough to where you can see yourself wearing it for many occasions? Brunch, Dinner Date, Business meeting , etc? I honestly peg my purchases on whether I can wear it to work and then transition it to a dinner outfit. If so, I think you’ve found a winner!


In most cases I always say “treat yo’ self” ! Most of us work super hard in life and every now and then we should be able to reward ourselves with something nice and new!




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