Print is usually a huge ‘no no” for some who who isn’t used to the type of attention it could cause. But I said “What the heck?! It has elephants and POCKETS!” You cannot let others opinions dictate your own self perception. You wanna rock that polka-dot? Do it!

This dress feels amazing on me. It’s super fitting but so comfy at the same time. I bought an XL but with the material itself I could’ve got a Large. I actually have never been so excited to wear such a bold print, but this spoke me. *Poetry Jam snaps* 









Now go to your bathroom and say “Who got the juice? I got the Juice!” , throw on your print and go about your day!

there she was just a walking down the street












Dress: New York & Co Elephant Flare Dress (It says “no stock online” but I found mine in stores for $20.)

Shoes: Torrid (Got these 3 years ago) SORRY!

Earrings: Burington Coat Factory








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