You’ve probably heard this before. The “You can wear what you want, but be careful not to add too many stripes and watch how you wear leggings” line. Story of my life, especially when you’ve bloomed early and everything you wear makes you feel self conscious at all times. It doesn’t help that every one around you has a “grand” opinion about how you should dress.


Recently my confidence has been at an all time high and I don’t plan on lowering my standards at this point.I dont walk around carrying a little book of fashion do’s and dont’s and I don’t think that liking the same style as Rihanna is a crime.  I love my shape (Although I have some tweaking to do) and I’m going to wear what I want and feel bad (which is good) rocking it. You gotta figure out where the line is drawn. Are you going to hide behind rules or are you going to OWN YOUR CURVES?

Details on this look is below; feel free make it your own.

Duster: (Green Long vest and Light Duster) <- These are similar ones but I have found mine and the green one for clearance in store. Check your local target

Shirt: Old Navy (no longer available)

Bottoms: New York & CO (Curvy Boyfriend jeans )<- SOOO comfy!

Shoes: Nordstrom Rack ( Fringe Booties ) <- They don’t have biege left. But they still have some Black and Tan colors available!


*I decided to keep it casual and simple with this look. Perfect for having brunch, chilling with your girls or looking cute while typing up your blog in the local cafe (ha!)*



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