It’s about that time of the year to put away our drab colors. I myself is still stuck on my go to gray and black statement pieces. Don’t get me wrong, every woman needs her statement LBD, but this time of the year we need to brighten it up!

So I took it upon myself to make a list of needs in order to create a succesful Spring and summer wardrobe. So first, we gotta start with color.

IMG_2784 (1)
Link for each style set will be at the end of the post.


Lilac/lavender: Literally the prettiest color for spring. This color can make you look pleasant just from the hue of it. Try out this color especially if you tend to stray from purples you wont be disappointed.

White: No questions asked, the most BOSS color you can wear. You have to have serious cahonas (haha) in order to wear all white. Going to a barbecue? Wear white. Brunch? White! Ladies night out? Do it opposite of black and wear WHITE!

Nude/Tan/Beige: I like to think of nude as the most subtle but sexy color. It comes in so many different shades that it can look good on anyone. Personally I think nudes look great as accessories (purses, watches, etc). Probably the least riskiest for all my cautious folks.

Mint/sea-foam Green: This color is very playful and complimentary, when the right tint of it is found. I personally battle in between Mint and sea-foam green just because it can be over powering if the layers get out of control. My personal favorite? A pair a mint lace shorts and a white top to go!

So to wrap this up, keep in mind that ALL four of these colors can be mixed and matched throughout the spring and summer seasons. And hopefully I got to my peeps who can’t leave alone their black leggings? AHHH, who am i kidding black leggings are LIFE. 


xoxo -myla

Lilac Style Set ( )

White Style Set ( )

Nude Style Set ( )

Mint Style Set ( )


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