I live in a super small place. A place I like to call my home. It’s pretty tiny, and is absolutely meant for no more than two people If you can even bear that. I’ve been here for over six  months and have created ways to maximize storage and made it my own at the same time!

So down below I’d love to share some tips on how I’ve created an organized, spaceious living situation for myself. Feel free to share your own tips in the comment section! XOXO


I have made so much more room for myself  just by adding shelves to my walls. I use two for makeup, some for shoes and some for photos. It gets everything off of your desk/counters and frees up some space for more crap. Ha!


IMG_27482. Use Cubes !

The cubes they make for storage these days are aweome! I personally have mine labeled to my liking of what’s in them(scarves, hats, glasses etc). You can easily separate what you have going on instead of it being stuffed in a drawer for you to have to dig through and struggle to find later. And now they have super cute cube containers that’ll could give the room a chic vibe. ————————————————————>

(These are clear file holders i hooked unto the wall to hold bills, letters, etc)

3. Hook it up!

You can find a hook anywhere! I’d reccommend to add Hooks to your walls where you’d most need them. For example, I have one right above my light switch by my front door for my keys(always on the go)! And one behind my bathroom door for my towel. Make your living space an organized but convienient area for you to live in!

4. Store it awayIMG_2742

If you have items you dont neccessarily use daily , it is great to have labeled storage bxes to come back to in order to find them when in need! I have multiple  smaller storage boxes that I use to keep my things in order ( example to the left), saves me a ton of time when I need to find certain items later. You can use pink boxes, white, etc. This has actually kept me from looking all over the place for one thing sooo many times.

5. Save yo’ money honey!

My ultimate tip is to go to the thrift store (Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc)! It’s a no brainer for myself and being cheap runs in the family ( ask my dad). I am a firm believer in checking places like these around you and making items likes and cubicles your own. Now I believe that a $6 can of spray paint can do wonders in you life. Become open to saving some dough and spending it where it really counts…on your shoes !


My entire living room was furnished by Goodwill itself! I personally think its best to save money towards other things (businesses, vacays, etc), so i defintely like to save my money when it comes to items like these. The most paid for an item was $30 for my couch. dont underestimate what treasures you may find just because it’s second hand.

I hope this helped someone and feel free to add what you do for your budget when it comes to an affordably furnished and organized home ! -xoxo


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