Where will It be? That’s really hard to say. I feel like It’s really starting to evolve! We have very courageous and beautiful women (bloggers, actresses, etc) who have put their foot down and demand for our clothing to look as beautiful as women who wear a size 4.

Clothing is a market that will never ever go away. So I think plus sized clothing will do just great in terms of expanding. My concern is what others will deem “acceptable” in our world. It personally took me a while to come to the reality that my body is just made differently. I did at a point not accept the fact that I won’t be smaller than a certain point. Since going through puberty, I was way ahead my friends by 5th grade. I became so self conscious trying to hide my body away from the world. If I had the type of influence that many girls will be blessed to come across, I wouldn’t have struggled as much, as I did.
(Left to Right)
 Chastity of The Garner Style (blogger), Meghan Trainor (singer), Rebel Wilson (actress)


So in terms of Plus size fashion, it will bloom. It will become an amazing force for us women who just have a little more to dress. There has already been a huge come up. And there will be many more brands who will jump on the bandwagon and want to provide for plus sized women. We are already a group who will pay more for great, quality items. So that’s a given.
I’m all for variation when It comes to fashion/clothing. I think as long as they keep giving more options plus size women, it will be in a great place by 2035. lol What do you guys think? Let me know your thoughts on the evolution of curvy women clothing.
Thanks for reading ! xoxo

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