If you’re looking for new reads on style, you should definitely keep reading. These 6 women I am going to list have been inspiring me so much lately. I’ve been loving basically EVERYTHING they do! It also just so happens that they’re plus sized, which for myself makes it even better.

All of their personal styles could inspire anyone— Size 2 to 22! Doesnt matter, these ladies are FAB!

           Garner Style

I have been so loving her looks lately! I would explain it as chic , but casual. Her looks have been very “do-able” for everone. And not to mention she is a bargain QUEEN! She can pull together any look and make it look amazing.



     Everything Curvy & Chic

You guys, I can’t even explain how breathtaking Chante’ looks in just about everything she wears. The reason for that is confidence! She so great about that and I see she is a true advocate for confidence in women. Not to mention she keeps it 100% real at all times. I personally follow her as well on Snapchat @ecurvynchic too! lol


     My Thrifted Closet

If your looking for vintage chic, you’ve got it right here! She really inspires me to try shopping at thrift stores more! I started giving up on those, because most of the time my size 14 doesn’t have much luck in finding what i’m looking for there. But once I started reading her blog and following her on other social media sites, it gave me hope.


    Naturally Fashionable

Sometimes I kind of “Fan girl” over this womans blog all the time! As soon as she post a new topic, I’m all over it! Kim is an amazing blogger. She keeps her readers up to date on it all and even has a “Blogger Bootcamp” that you can do to help you out on your own blog site. She’s awesome!


           Gabi Fresh

Okay, so I’ve also been kind of obsessed with her lately too! She exudes feminism and is proud of it (which i love). She has done awesome collaborations and is one of the many responsible for the come up on new fresh fashion for us curvy ladies.  I am encouraged by her hustle and only makes me want to work harder for my own blog. Go girl!


       Glam by Runa

Last but certainly not least, Ms. Runa Azam. I am a little more new to her blog, but it doesnt mean a thing! This girl can work it! I’m pretty obessed with floral kimonos because of her! Oh and her makeup is forever on point! I give a “yass hunti” to that all day!



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